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see cloudcloud,
aggregation of minute particles of water or ice suspended in the air. Formation of Clouds

Clouds are formed when air containing water vapor is cooled below a critical temperature called the dew point and the resulting moisture condenses into droplets on
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A principal cloud type in the form of a gray layer with a rather uniform base; a stratus does not usually produce precipitation, but when it does occur it is in the form of minute particles, such as drizzle, ice crystals, or snow grains.

stratus (St)

A type of low cloud that usually forms a uniform gray cloud sheet. A stratus has no particular form and usually covers the whole sky. The stratus sheet is normally thicker and darker than the high altostratus that may be overlying it. These frequently become broken and blown. The evaporating fog normally results in the formation of low-stratus clouds.


a grey layer cloud


One of the leading manufacturers of fault-tolerant computer systems. While virtually all of Stratus' core hardware and software is sold into the financial services, telecommunications, travel and transportation, and gaming these markets, a broad range of middleware and applications are developed and marketed by Stratus, its subsidiaries, and third party partners.

Yearly sales $609M, profits $43.5M (1996).



(Stratus Technologies, Maynard, MA, A manufacturer of fault-tolerant computers founded in 1980. It supports both the VOS and FTX Unix operating systems on its XA/R line of i860-based systems. Its earlier XA/2000 line was Motorola 68K based. The next line of systems, dubbed the Continuum series, uses HP's PA-RISC architecture.
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Stratus Building Solutions offers 16 different building service franchise plans providing state of the art environmentally-friendly cleaning systems, products and services along with complete office and marketing support.
Over the past decade, many of the world's largest telecommunication service providers have purchased Stratus servers for intelligent network and network management applications, including 1-800 call management, mobile number portability and short message service centers.