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Tenders invited for Supply, installation, commissioning & training of optical streak camera system
The T-CUP system is also built on a femtosecond streak camera, which provides the fastest possible temporal shearing to achieve Tfps [(trillion frames per second)] imaging speeds," explains Optics & Photonics News, The Optical Society's monthly news magazine.
To improve on the concept, the new T-CUP system was developed based on a femtosecond streak camera that also incorporates a data acquisition type used in applications such as tomography.
The new system is based on a femtosecond (one quadrillionth of a second) streak camera and integrated a data acquisition type used in applications like tomography.
Time-resolved streak images of the emission spectrum excited by the OPO system were collected by using a spectrograph (SpectraPro 2300i) and recorded with a Hamamatsu streak camera (model C4334).
The Sydor ROSS Streak Camera is a diagnostic platform specifically designed for the future challenges of inertial confinement fusion and plasma physics research.
At present the technique for monitoring damage described above employs a complicated (and expensive) picosecond laser system equipped with a streak camera. Currently, a much cheaper and simpler laser setup consisting of a short pulse diode laser and an avalanche diode detector is under development at the University of Ottawa.
A streak camera records signals from a crushed fiber-optic diagnostic system, which is used to provide a temporal record of the armature impact with the generator stator (this diagnostic will be described in detail below).
"It operates much like a streak camera. We sweep a tightly focused beam of electrons from a tip across a detection screen.
To improve on the concept, the researchers developed the T-CUP system based on a femtosecond streak camera.
Contract notice: acquisition of a streak camera for the photonique chair, lmops laboratory, centralesuplec, metz campus