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1. a stream of light, esp one appearing in some forms of the aurora
2. Computing another word for tape streamer



a narrow, luminous channel formed within a gas in an electric field at pressures that are close to and above atmospheric in the stage preceding the electrical breakdown of the gas. Upon formation, a streamer lengthens at great velocity (~106 m/sec), a velocity several times higher than that of the charged particles between the electrodes. This speed is explained by the photo-ionization that occurs in the strong electric field created by the space charge near the advancing tip of the streamer. In their structure, streamers are similar in many respects to leaders in lightning discharges.


Raether, H. Elektronnye laviny i proboi v gazakh. Moscow, 1968. (Translated from English.)



A sinuous channel of very high ion-density which propagates itself through a gas by continual establishment of an electron avalanche just ahead of its advancing tip; in lightning discharges, the stepped leader, and return streamer all constitute special types of streamers.


i. A unit of illumination for intensity equal approximately to the luminous intensity of a 7/8-in sperm candle burning at 120 grains.
ii. The failure of a parachute to deploy because the rigging lines are fouled. Also called a cigarette or a streamer.


A device that transmits music or video from the Internet or the home network to a stereo or home theater. The term streamer may refer to a distribution device only (see digital media hub) or to equipment that stores the content (see digital media server and network music player). See streaming stick.
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