streaming audio

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streaming audio

A one-way audio transmission over a data network. It is widely used to listen to audio clips and radio from the Internet on computers, tablets and smartphones. In addition, computers are commonly set up to stream a user's music collection to a digital media hub connected to a stereo or home theater. Computers and mobile devices may also stream directly to powered speakers via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. See digital media hub, Bluetooth audio and Wi-Fi audio.

Unlike music files that are downloaded and played at any time in the future, a streamed song is played immediately after a small amount of audio data is received, and the song file is not stored permanently in the destination device.

It's Already in the Buffer
Listening to momentary blips in music or a conversation is annoying, and the only way to compensate for that over an erratic network such as the Internet is to get some of the audio data into the computer before you start listening to it. In streaming audio, both the client and server cooperate for uninterrupted sound. The client side stores a few seconds of sound in a buffer before it starts sending it to the speakers. Throughout the session, it continues to receive audio data ahead of time.

VoIP Is More Demanding
Voice over IP (VoIP) is more taxing on the network than streaming audio. It requires real-time, two-way transmission with sufficient bandwidth for audio coming in and going out at the same time without being able to buffer any of it (see real-time audio). See streaming video, home theater streaming, VoIP and Windows Media.
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Tru Optik CEO Andre Swanston added, "Make no mistake, the media battleground that will separate many winners from losers in 2020 will be through the ability to effectively deploy targeted connected TV and streaming audio advertising.
Streaming audio comes directly from a server, which allows programmers access to multiple tools for monitoring and measuring performance.
In addition to streaming audio the chip also boasts a digital control information channel for transfer of control information such as volume, balance, track and display information.
So three years ago, he and his colleagues conceptualized building streaming audio and video into the network.
In addition to recording online streaming audio, you can capture voice from a microphone, as well as music played by Windows Media Player, Winamp, Quick Time, and Real Player.
Scottsdale became airing streaming audio of its public meetings about one year ago.
As rich media content--including streaming audio and video--becomes commonplace on the Web, these demands are compounded at an incredible rate.
Until recently, the site only offered streaming audio. But all of the arguments are being converted to downloadable format.
Courses also leverage multimedia (streaming audio, video and animation), provide users with opportunities to interact with the courseware (quizzes and tests, activities and instructors) and provide a dynamic learning interface that offers users with different learning styles/ alternative modes, such as text-based presentations instead of multimedia.
The ability to set the priority to data packets ensures that pieces of data for time-sensitive applications, streaming audio or video will arrive without the gaps that cause annoying static.
Once opened on the handset, 1KTV uses a slide show format with streaming audio to provide news on-demand.
The author also "speaks" to the user in streaming audio, providing clear explanations of the Web page and graphics tools available.