strength reduction

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strength reduction

An optimisation where a function of some systematically changing variable is calculated more efficiently by using previous values of the function. In a procedural language this would apply to an expression involving a loop variable and in a declarative language it would apply to the argument of a recursive function. E.g.

f x = ... (2**x) ... (f (x+1)) ...


f x = f' x (2**x) where f ' x z = ... z ... (f' (x+1) 2*z) ...

Here the expensive operation (2**x) has been replaced by the cheaper 2*z in the recursive function f'. This maintains the invariant that z = 2**x for any call to f'.
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The Chapter Guides include information on several topics related to use of the code including applicability of ACI 562; selection of the building code for the repair design; preliminary evaluations to determine a compliance method for meeting the code requirements; strength reduction factors and load combinations both during and after the repair; requirements for evaluation, determination of materials properties, and load testing; considerations for design of structural repairs; durability requirements; construction considerations; and quality assurance.
Over the ensuing four decades, the Code has more than tripled in its provisions as knowledge and experience with structural concrete advanced, especially in areas such as torsional strength, seismic design and detailing, integrity reinforcement, concrete exposure classes, strain-based strength reduction factors and anchoring to concrete.
The pipe's exceptionally strong ends are expanded without the heat of the forging process, maintaining the integrity of the steel with no strength reduction at heat-affected zones.
To determine the strength reduction of the concrete based on the APS content in the mixture, a test was made to simulate the strength reduction by a characteristic function and the parameters of this function were determined through the nonlinear regression analysis.
Further, glass-fiber-reinforced resins may show some strength reduction in hot water because of degradation of the interface between the resin and the glass fiber.
Based on rebound hammer and UPV values the strength reduction for the beams, columns and slabs is in the range of 20% to 30%.
05) differences in strength reduction caused by irradiation and steam sterilization (Fig.
Efficiency from AFSO21, total force integration, and lessons learned from 15 years under fire permit an end strength reduction of 40,000 full-time equivalents over the future years defense plan.
The smaller field strength reduction needed for chaotic cleaning is an important advantage of chaotic cleaning.
Sheet quality issues include strength reduction and odor complaints.

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