stress diagram

stress-strain diagram

A diagram in which corresponding values of stress are plotted against strain; values of stress usually are plotted as ordinates (vertically) and values of strain as abscissas (horizontally).
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Calculation of strength at cross-sections of beams according to the euronorm curvilinear concrete stress diagram, Journal of Young Scientists 3(36): 140-148 (in Lithuanian).
For simplification of calculations the real stress diagrams are superseded by arbitrary ones [5-10] and therefore calculated values of parameters are arbitrary as well.
Figure the strain stress diagram by stretching wires and measuring their length after each weight increment.
It can be concluded that a concrete stress-strain curve varies but, according to EC2, concrete stress diagram coefficients [lambda] and [eta] [8] are constant for the concrete of examined classes.
Topics addressed include: natural and cultural formation processes on the archaeological record (as discussed through a case study), multiple congenital pathologies in single individuals, stress diagrams as a structural documentation of an architectural heritage, and the use of multivariate statistics for pattern recognition in archaeology.
According to [18], during loading between neighbouring layers of concrete core in normal stress diagrams at place of interaction surface the step appears, and authors [18, 19] suggest how to evaluate this step.
Stress diagrams by the structural engineers, Magnusson Klemencic Associates with Arup, showed that this particular lattice module uses the least steel most efficiently with fewest welds.
They are the shapes seen on graphs, on stress diagrams over an engineer's shoulder, and each gives a visual indication of a special structural principle.
Method for a direct calculation of stress-strain state parameters at normal right-angled sections of structural members given curvilinear stress diagrams.