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1. Horse racing the section or sections of a racecourse that are straight, esp the final straight section leading to the finishing line
2. Slang a term of imprisonment


(petroleum engineering)
The increase in length of oil-well casing or tubing when freely suspended in fluid mediums.

patent glazing

A system of glazing which employs any of a variety of commercially available devices for securing the glass sheets without the use of putty.


stretchclick for a larger image
stretchclick for a larger image
i. To increase the capacity of a transport aircraft by adding plugs to the fuselage (e.g., the stretched version of aircraft. Such stretched versions are normally suffixed with the letter S).
ii. To apply tensile strength to a body exceeding its elastic limits.


The code name for IBM's first "supercomputer," the 7030, which was started in 1955 and completed in 1961. The first of eight units was delivered to the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory and was in use for 10 years. STRETCH was IBM's first attempt at building transistorized computers and was designed to "stretch" the speed of its current vacuum tube models by a factor of 100.

The machine was very sophisticated for its time, providing simultaneous execution of business instructions with floating point arithmetic. It was estimated that IBM lost 40 million dollars in developing STRETCH, but that the knowledge gained led to huge profits with its subsequent computers (see System/360).

The STRETCH was the first IBM transistorized computer. Its style of cabinetry and console were used in many subsequent computers by the company. (Image courtesy of IBM.)
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Additionally, a possible relation between the surface roughness of the cut hole and the edge stretchability was i nvestigated.
Objective measurement of the stretchability of mozzarella cheese.
In the past five years, Huang and collaborators at the University of Illinois have developed electronics with about 50 percent stretchability, but this is not high enough for many applications.
The "soft and hard" networks synergistically enhanced the mechanical properties of the hydrogels, including high stretchability and toughness, due to the availability of sacrificial hydrophobic interaction in the "soft" network for effective energy dissipation.
Dry paint films are coated with a paint-like layer that has a degree of stretchability to allow for thermoforming.
Objective: The goal of 2d-topsense is to exploit the remarkable stretchability of two-dimensional semiconductors to fabricate optoelectronic devices where strain is used as an external knob to tune their properties.while bulk semiconductors tend to break under strains larger than 1.5%, 2d semiconductors (such as mos2) can withstand deformations of up to 10-20% before rupture.
At IDEA16, CCS will also present technology for adult pant underwear and adult briefs, two areas that are growing globally and require stretchability, body fit and elasticity.
The high stretchability and specific capacitance have been simultaneously achieved by designing a coaxial structure that favors high contact areas between the electrode and electrolyte besides the combined remarkable properties enabled by the aligned CNTs.
In keeping with Nike's Better World philosophy, the kit is constructed for the first time with the polyester fabric that is lightweight, reinforced with increased stretchability and enhanced moisture-wicking capabilities.
Yet, there are some cases when PP products do not satisfy the demands due to a lack of stretchability. In those cases, film breaking occurs at transverse direction (TD) stretching process when it is produced by a sequential and biaxially oriented stretching machine (Fig.
Key statement: The present invention provides a material combining properties possessed by crosslinked polymers with stretchability or viscoelasticity, and the producing method thereof.
BTC can preheat selected areas of the film to increase its stretchability.