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1. Horse racing the section or sections of a racecourse that are straight, esp the final straight section leading to the finishing line
2. Slang a term of imprisonment


(petroleum engineering)
The increase in length of oil-well casing or tubing when freely suspended in fluid mediums.

patent glazing

A system of glazing which employs any of a variety of commercially available devices for securing the glass sheets without the use of putty.


stretchclick for a larger image
stretchclick for a larger image
i. To increase the capacity of a transport aircraft by adding plugs to the fuselage (e.g., the stretched version of aircraft. Such stretched versions are normally suffixed with the letter S).
ii. To apply tensile strength to a body exceeding its elastic limits.


The code name for IBM's first "supercomputer," the 7030, which was started in 1955 and completed in 1961. The first of eight units was delivered to the Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory and was in use for 10 years. STRETCH was IBM's first attempt at building transistorized computers and was designed to "stretch" the speed of its current vacuum tube models by a factor of 100.

The machine was very sophisticated for its time, providing simultaneous execution of business instructions with floating point arithmetic. It was estimated that IBM lost 40 million dollars in developing STRETCH, but that the knowledge gained led to huge profits with its subsequent computers (see System/360).

The STRETCH was the first IBM transistorized computer. Its style of cabinetry and console were used in many subsequent computers by the company. (Image courtesy of IBM.)
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* Stretchable Electronics Market Revenue & Growth Rate by Type [, Electroactive Polymers, Stretchable Conductors, Stretchable Batteries & Stretchable Circuits & Photovoltaics] (Historical & Forecast)
For fabrication of the conductive composite layer, we used PDMS as a stretchable matrix and Ag nanoparticles as a conductive filler.
"At the same time, efforts must be made to develop soft, stretchable architecture for the DC-DC converter electronics based on recent advances in wearable electronics," the authors wrote.
"We foresee that this strategy of enabling elastomeric semiconductors by percolating semiconductor nanofibrils into a rubber will advance the development of stretchable semiconductors, and the approach to constructing electronics and sensors all from elastomeric electronic materials will move forward the advancement of stretchable electronics for a wide range of applications, such as artificial skins, biomedical implants, and surgical gloves," the researchers concluded.
"People often view a polymer in one chain, so they think about how to make one chain stretchable but didn't think in networks," says Wang.
The Samsung Display Stretchable OLED panel (yeah, that is as close to an official name that we have for now) can be flexed to a depth of 12mm when pressed, in both directions.
The researchers fabricated metasurface (flat nanostructured surfaces with subwavelength thickness) holograms on a stretchable polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrate containing gold nano-rods.
In this study, we chose silver particle as conductive material in the form of silver paste and used screen printing to fabricate a stretchable touch screen panel utilizing metal mesh method for the transparent electrode patterning.
The stretchable strain sensor has three thin sheets of elastomer and two stretchable electrodes.
Unfortunately, silicon materials cannot be used in stretchable electronics.
The stretchable electronics market is still in its nascent stage as very few products have been commercialized such as CHECKLIGHT by Reebok, while many products are expected to get commercialized by 2018 and 2019.
Described as a "professional at-home beauty shapewear mask," it is made from stretchable LaceTex gauze--a combination of cotton and lace--and is designed to soothe, balance and tighten skin.