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1. Logic maths of a relation
a. applying more narrowly than some other relation often given the same name, as strict inclusion, which holds only between pairs of sets that are distinct, while simple inclusion permits the case in which they are identical
b. distinguished from a relation of the same name that is not the subject of formal study
2. Botany rare very straight, narrow, and upright


A function f is strict in an argument if

f bottom = bottom

(See bottom). In other words, the result depends on the argument so evaluation of an application of the function cannot terminate until evaluation of the argument has terminated.

If the result is only bottom when the argument is bottom then the function is also bottom-unique.

See also strict evaluation, hyperstrict.
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Strictly speaking, the health ministry prohibition covers all foods and drinks containing artificial additives including colourings, flavourings, preservatives, caffeine, and amino-acids sold in state schools.
Cate doesn't do justice to Nietzsche's epochal notion of the potentially infinite perspectives for viewing everything; and he abruptly dismisses as "untenable" Nietzsche's claim that humans can't be held morally responsible for their actions, because they aren't free to begin with, and in the seamless continuum of existence there are, strictly speaking, no atomistic acts at all, just as there are no separate "things" in the naively realistic sense.
And while it may not, strictly speaking, construct an "invented world," it at least employs "spiral composition.
Strictly speaking a gridswarm is 'a large group of small unmanned autonomous aerial vehicles .
Strictly speaking, therefore, it is not "meditation" at all, but a direct, dynamic method of helping us to 'empty our cup' moment by moment.
Hedge funds "are not directly involved in the underwriting, strictly speaking," she said.
The NRSV translates Jesus' response as "I am he," but strictly speaking, the Greek is "I am.
Therefore, given my definitions at the beginning of this chapter, we do not, strictly speaking, have 'governments' and 'political societies' here.
Strictly speaking the companies did not need to notify the EU merger regulator about their plans as Fuchs' turnover falls below the thresholds set by the Merger Regulation.
strictly speaking Jewish, still he loved challah and leaped