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One of the more unusual notions about stridulation arose in 1995 when Flavio Roces and Bert Holldobler of the University of Wurzburg in Germany reported that leaf-cutting ants tend to stridulate as they slice off snippets of tender leaves.
gorgonensis, this chirp pattern does not occur, males stridulate continuously for several minutes, and the frequency of the calls is nearly 23 kHz (see bioacoustics section, Figs 2-4).
During sunny conditions, almost every male stridulates, which makes it possible to get reliable estimates of adult population size just by walking through a patch in straight lines spaced at 4 m and counting each male.
7), the male obviously stridulates first with the few large teeth at the distal part of the file and uses the long dense part of the file only during the second half of the song.
religiosa; this parallels the situation for at least one other insect group that stridulates defensively, the Triatominae (Reduviidae) (Schilman et al.