strike missions

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armed reconnaissance

An air mission flown to locate and attack enemy material, personnel, and facilities (i.e., targets of opportunity) in an assigned general area or along an assigned route and not for the purpose of attacking specifically briefed targets. Also known as search and strike missions. Strike aircraft are armed and carry out reconnaissance of a designated area and engage any targets observed with a view to destroy them.
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There have been 85 coalition airstrikes over the last four weeks and four in the last 24 hours, he said, adding, "We are flying strike missions every day in the fight for Fallujah." In the north, the Iraqi push toward Al Kiara from multiple axes also continues to make progress, Cook said.
He notes that though the squadron performed combat air patrols, strike missions, and close air support missions, it retained its VMO designation until 1945, when it was finally re-designated a fighter squadron.
British forces have been preparing Iraqi soldiers to drive IS out of key cities Fallujah and Mosul, while RAF crews fly strike missions alongside some 200 British special forces personnel on the ground.
yncirlik has grown more important in the US-led campaign of air strikes against ISIL, with 59 US, Turkish, Qatari and German aircraft refueling, gathering intelligence and conducting strike missions out of the base -- up from about 15 aircraft at the beginning of September, US officials said.
LONDON, Safar 21, 1437, December 03, 2015, SPA -- Britain has sent eight more warplanes to its base is Cyprus to join air strike missions against ISIS in Syria, defence minister Michael Fallon said on Thursday, according to Reuters.
On 7 September, 1965, Squadron Leader Shabbir Syed led a flight of four F-86s on two separate strike missions against Kalaikunda, during which he and his flight destroyed on the ground ten Canberra light bombers and two unidentified enemy aircraft.
The MOD said they took part in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and strike missions against IS.
"These personnel include pilots flying ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) and strike missions against Isil targets using the equipment of those units.
All Hero strike missions can be aborted until the very last moment, and the UAV can be retrieved and then land by means of a parachute.
Following Kassasbeh's murder, the UAE withdrew from the coalition's strike missions over fears for the safety of its pilots.
Following the December crash and capture of Jordanian F-16 pilot Maaz Al Kassasbeh, the UAE withdrew from the coalition's strike missions over fears for the safety of its pilots.
But only one of every four strike missions -- some 800 of 3,200 -- dropped its weapons, according to the military's Central Command.