striking plate

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strike plate, strike, striking plate

A metal plate or box which is set in a doorjamb and is either pierced or recessed to receive the bolt or latch of a lock, fixed on a door. Also see box strike plate.
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Put the striking plate in place and score round it with a craft knife, then chisel out the wood as before, so the plate doesn't stick out from the doorframe.
Mark out and cut the mortise and recess for the striking plate.
Iznik pottery also featured prominently at Sotheby's, with some striking plates and wall hangings.
Although for the more general reader it is perhaps the two concluding sections that will be of most interest, given their emphasis on aspects of Orientalist critique that continue to attract sustained interest, the opening sets of essays are remarkable in their attention to a rich body of Persian art (the book is well illustrated, with twenty-seven striking plates) and Arabic literature (ranging from the poetry of Hafez to contemporary chanson), both of which often tend to be ignored in studies of Western-generated 'Orientalist discourse'.