strip footing

strap footing, strip footing

A continuous foundation in which all loads occur in a straight line.
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The report has recommended that some pre-construction measures be taken in order to minimise damage to buildings in collapsible soils, and one such recommendation was excavating the soils and building a conventional reinforced concrete strip footing.
Here, in this paper, HSOS algorithm is used to optimise the pseudodynamic bearing capacity of shallow strip footing considering upper bound limit analysis method.
"Comparison of bearing capacity of a strip footing on sand with geocell and with planar forms of geotextile reinforcement".
[17] examined the influences of dimensionless frequency, dynamic permeability, and Poisson's ratio on saturated soil under a rocking rigid strip footing.
"The storage shed will be built straight off a concrete slab of the same plan dimensions that already exists on the site, however the workshop will need to be built on new foundations and it is proposed these be of a reinforced pad and strip footing design."
Strip Footing Moments: Strip moments Mxx and Myy are relatively less in integrated strip model on Grid 1-B and 1-C as compared to discrete model as shown in Tables 6 and 7.
The method is applied to a case of a strip footing on the soil stratum problem.
The nonlinear response of eccentrically-inclined loaded Angle Shaped Footing strip footing has been investigated through a series of laboratory model tests and FEM analysis.
The external loading representing strip footing was applied on the model surface in width equality to diameter of the tunnel parallel, respectively perpendicular with longitudinal axes of the tunnel and in all length, respectively width, of the model stand.