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Tenders are invited for Emd Pt No: 10632233 Dlw Pt No: 17271058 Weather Strip Window Cab Door Rubber Length As Per Drawing Enclosed As Per Enclosed Drawing And Specification.
Above is a glass strip window to light the first floor office space, and above that is zinc cladding to show that function.
Above it, two layers of brick and horizontal strip window set up a counterpoint with the surrounding vertical openings before a glazed cube emerges from the parapet, a studio against the sky.
Aluminium solar shading,4 St strip windows aluminum mullion transom construction with use of window elements,74 St exterior window sills made of aluminum,160 m outside window sill made of aluminum for window hinges EC,33 St SUPPORT CLOTHING aluminum moldings, insulation,138 St FASSADENRAFFSTOREN,1 PSCH sunscreen control, including planning,1 PSCH parameterization, commissioning and training,9 St multi-purpose doors - outer doors made of steel soundproof / fire protection,1 PSCH Technical processing, structural analysis / verification of stability PR facade EC,1 PSCH Technical processing, structural analysis / verification of stability window facades.
Rather than the strip windows and infill, there is now a unified and transparent curtainwall of lustrous glass, with a cantilevered canopy, also of glass, over the entrance on the left as you enter.
A company would come in and weather strip windows and doors.
The horizontal cladding and strip windows appear in another guise in the tail of the building, stepping up like a staircase away from the towers, so that one can almost imagine the white vertical building having been overwhelmed by a horizontal green one.
I'm trying to encourage people firstly that contemporary architecture doesn't necessarily mean flat roofs and strip windows, and secondly that good modern architecture needn't cost any more than mediocre.
To connect the main floor to these outdoor spaces, Bocken removed interior walls, moved the kitchen to one end, and replaced strip windows (upper left photo) with sliding glass doors.
Brick and strip windows will divide the facade horizontally.
The exterior will feature architectural cast stone with precast cornices, a precast dome, punched strip windows, a two-story storefront and a fritted glass and bronze metal canopy at the main entrance.