stripping knife

broad knife, stripping knife

A knife with a square-edged, wedge-shaped blade for removing paint or wallpaper; similar to a putty knife but with a wider blade.
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All you need is some dust sheets, filling knife, bucket, sponge, an orbital wallpaper scorer and a wide stripping knife: Remember that stripping wallpaper takes time, as it must be soaked with hot water before you scrape it off.
Use a standard stripping knife to get large, flat areas of paint off, but don't use a scraper that's too sharp because you can tear into the wood and cause damage.
-Vivian Marsh, Plymouth, Devon AZENA SAYS: Use a wide scraper such as a 4inch Harris Sure Grip Stripping Knife (pounds 2.89) toremove the tiles and then with a Dewalt hot air gun, pounds 24.99, both from Scewfix (, 0500 41 41 41) gently warm the adhesive until it is soft and scrape off the residue.
Use a flexible stripping knife to lift the paper away.
"For example, some wire haired breeds of dogs like miniature Schnauzers and terriers need their hair thinned out which involves taking away the undercoat with a stripping knife without removing the length.
Soften this with the heat gun and scrape off with a stripping knife. If the tiles are in good condition and well stuck down, you could lay a new vinyl floor over the top instead.
Use a steamer or water to soak it before peeling it away with a stripping knife. If you are too vigorous you can remove the plaster.
You would then shape the dog's coat with electric clippers or a stripping knife; shampoo and dry the dog's coat and give a final trim with scissors.
Taking a stripping knife, start to gently remove the loose plaster.
Slide the edge of the stripping knife under the wet paper, either at the bottom of a length or at a seam, at an angle of 30 degrees and push it away from you.