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A conelike structure made up of sporophylls, or spore-bearing leaves, as in Equisetales.
The cone of members of the Pinophyta.



a sporebearing spikelet on the end of a shoot in many higher plants, including the Lycopodiophyta, Sphenophyl-lales, Calamitales, Equisetum, and Spermatophyta. Strobili bear sporophylls, which are the modified leaves upon which the spore-bearing organs—sporangia—develop. Cones are regarded by some botanists to also be strobili, whereas other botanists believe that they are entire aggregates of strobili (inflorescences).

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The strobiles of hops contain the potent phytoestrogen 8-prenylnaringenin (8-PN) (Overk 2005).
Hops are female flower clusters, commonly known as cones or strobiles, of the hop plant, which are primarily used as a flavouring and stability agent in beer.
Hop strobiles (Humulus lupulus)--brings peaceful and restful sleep, relieves insomnia
In the European Pharmacopoeia, for example, hops are described as a mild sedative (hop strobiles, Lupuli strobulus).