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Their analysis focused on 104,268 of these women with complete data for the diet and stroke analysis and who remained California residents; data on incident ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes came from California's hospital-discharge database for 1996-2011, when the 104,268 women had 2,270 incident ischemic strokes and 895 incident hemorrhagic strokes.
In this paper, we propose a stroke analysis system in which a stroke path and hand orientation, depicted in Figure 1 as an example, is obtained from two synchronized video cameras placed in a swimming pool, and these data is used for the CFD simulation.
For the purpose of evaluating the hydrodynamic forces acting on a swimmer's hand in a swimming competition, we developed a stroke analysis system based on the CFD simulations.
2006)), we emphasize that the CFD simulation must be used for the stroke analysis.
Followed by the two validation cases, the stroke analysis for two world class swimmers were carried out as shown in Figures 15-17.
For those who can swim 100 yards on their own but would like to work on stroke analysis & training techniques.
Structured swim workouts and stroke analysis for advanced swimmers.
We're talking customized clubs, and high-tech stroke analysis with corrective lessons.