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The supporting tissues of an organ, including connective and nervous tissues and blood vessels.



(1) The supporting framework of an animal organ. The stroma consists of unstructured connective tissue containing specific elements of an organ, cells capable of reproduction, and fibrous structures that provide support. Blood vessels and lymphatics pass through it. Stromal elements perform a protective role by participating in phagocytosis. Red and white blood cells develop from the stromal cells of hematopoietic organs.

(2) The protein base of erythrocytes.

(3) In many ascomycetes and Fungi Imperfecti, the compact mass of hyphae upon which spore-bearing bodies (conidio-phores) are arranged.

(4) In algae and higher plants, the colorless protein base of plastids in which a strictly ordered system of membranes serving as pigment carriers is embedded.

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"I'd gone to Stroma on an organised trip with my girlfriend Hannah and, once I was there, decided it was a good place for a swim.
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In addition to Stroma, the centre will feature a special section dedicated to Sutherland's Eilean nan Ron, which has been uninhabited since 1938.
Edematous reactive stroma with edematous areas within the reactive stroma.
The second one, known as melanosis, contains melanin pigments in both prostatic stroma and the epithelium (1).
In the study by Moorman et al, proportion of patients classified as stroma high were found to be 40%, and fixing the relative precision as 20% of P, sample size N is calculated as 150.
This study is true experimental randomized posttest-only control group designto evaluatethe impact of ethanol extract sample as antibacterial by improving stroma of middle ear epithelium This study already have approval from Ethic CommitteeUdayana University.
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