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Artists such as Feeder, The Prodigy, Sugababes, Goldfrapp, The Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian, The Thrills and Razorlight have recently recorded and mixed at Strongroom.
Although the shows are all East London based, Strongroom Alive Radio is not a local radio station, but a global station built to harness the energy of one of the world's leading creative cultural hotspots.
Yesterday they tried unsuccessfully to open a safe, and then went on to blow a strongroom.
It will feature paintings and decorative items bought by the collector throughout his life, as David Whetstone reports Most of us have read of wealthy people buying art as an investment, salting it away in a strongroom until the time is right to cash in.
Joseph Rivas, (25), one of only a handful of people allowed into the strongroom, felt betraying his bosses was the only way to solve his money problems.
Prosecutor Ieuan Morris said she acted ``on impulse'' to take four bundles of notes worth pounds 12,000 from the strongroom at Lloyds-TSB in Barry.
Imbruglia's debut album "Left of the Middle" features the hit single, "Torn," which was mixed on the Euphonix CS3000 at Strongroom Studio 2 in London.
The huge volume of material involving more than 1,750 statements and accompanying papers fills the strongroom.
His wife Sonja escaped the gang of armed men by locking herself in a strongroom.
Anyway, we are standing in this windowless strongroom beside a white wooden box with a little slot in the top.
Mr McKay revealed that the lowest floor of the house includes a windowless strongroom, installed by a previous owner, which may be the rumoured 'dungeon' where Mr Amar was allegedly hidden.