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structural formula:

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in chemistry, an expression showing the chemical composition of a compound. Formulas of compounds are used in writing the equations (see chemical equations) that represent chemical reactions. Compounds are combinations in fixed proportions of the chemical elements.
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Structural Formula


in chemistry, a means of representing the structure of chemical compounds. Structural formulas reflect the relative position of atoms in molecules and the type of bonds between these atoms. Letters designate the elements, and lines the bonds. In some cases, the formulas include the signs of the total or partial charges on the atoms, and induced and mesomeric electron shifts are indicated by straight and curved arrows.

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structural formula

[′strək·chə·rəl ′fȯr·myə·lə]
A system of notation used for organic compounds in which the exact structure, if it is known, is given in schematic representation.
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Although zeolites were not found in this compacted bentonite experiments, the incorporation of [Mg.sup.2+] in the smectite observed in the batch experiments, was evident from the structural formula data at 90[degrees]C.
Respect to aluminum, in order to evaluate the structural environment as well as the AL(IV)/AL(VI) ratio to compare with the ratio estimated in the structural formula, 27Al MAS-NMR spectra was made.
A useful feature of each method is a summary of physical and chemical properties of the compound, including its structural formula. The methods for two of the chemicals I am most familiar with (aldicarb and methomyl) use gas chromatographic determination of a degradation product of the parent compound.
Table-1 illustrates the structural formulas, reaction times and percentage yield of the fabricated compounds (3a-3f).
In this article R0stvig applies the structural formulas perhaps most generally, and on a later text than in the others, yet showing that the same Renaissance concepts and biblical exegesis apply.
The linguistic and structural formulas that these novels share are presented, along with a comparative study of how these authors individualized the genre to adjust it to their needs.
While it ultimately remains unclear if this sort of repetition is meant to unlock some third register of meaning or to subvert the apparatus altogether, Syrop's structural formulas produce hypnotic portraits of collective subjectivity.
Structural formulas of dicyano (2,7-dibromofluoren-9-ylidene)methane: A, dicyano (fluoren-9-ylidene)methane: B and ethyl 2-cyano-2-fluoren-9-ylidenacetate: C, are shown below:
The kinematic structural formulas for two lathes were established The exemplification is made for a parallel lathe with two kinematic branches: bed-workpiece and bed-tool.
Unlike most books for laypersons, Laidler has not hesitated to include structural formulas and mathematical, chemical, and nuclear equations wherever necessary.

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