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A time and depth structure map of the massive sands were generated, which depicted horst and graben structures oriented predominantly in a NNW-SSE direction.
It follows that for any X and Y, C (X, Y) is a K algebra; its structure map is given by [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]
It adds a chapter on researching and applying cultural values; moves the value structure map to the chapter on strategy; moves public relations, product and packaging design, and retail to the final chapter on strategy; adds a summary of market entry strategies and the marketing mix; and includes information on culture's influence on traditional media.
The insert map shows a depth structure map of Lambouka at Birsa oil reservoir level and the Lambouka area.
For the sake of clarity, two cognitive maps are created, a culture map and a structure map, although it is recognized that both structure and culture interact as a system to influence entrepreneurial behavior.
A comparison of the structure map on the Salado Formation (Fig.
Multiple views of a prospect in the Gulf of Mexico showing a color-filled seismic structure map with faults (top left), a rotatable 3-D view of fault planes (bottom left), and a seismic cross section with overlaid well log (right).
Review of the Atoka Structure Map indicates that the San Miguel is 142 feet high to the Cochise well.
A fine structure map of the region surrounding the scs gene will be created using various molecular markers.
The A2 Carbonate time structure map shows an A2 structural high on the eastern flank of a B Salt hole.
The remote sensing chapter covers data acquisition and processing, field data collection, generation of forest succession and structure maps (succession being a major focus for TROPIDRY), and then goes on to discuss measurement of photosynthetically active radiation, leaf spectral reflectance and leaf area index.

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