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com)-- Pharad unveiled today their new high performance L-, S- and C-band stub antenna for tactical video receivers.
Our innovative multi-octave stub antenna is the first of its kind," said Pharad CTO Rod Waterhouse.
The notch creates a capacitive load that neutralizes the inductive nature of the stub antenna to produce nearly-pure resistive input impedance.
The model 120MO is a stub antenna for airborne communication, navigation and identification applications.
For example, The unit has a stub antenna, because consumers thought the short antenna was sturdier than retractable or longer antenna.
While not altogether clear, company literature suggests that AMIDS makes use of an 18-kg processor, the rear-facing antenna unit from the PVS 2000, a 13-kg transmitter and as many 2-kg stub antennas (with individual associated 2-kg low-noise amplifiers) as the specific application requires.
4GHz IA DAMD-DK1 2400 ZigBee development Kit contains: (3) H8S MCU Development Boards, (3) IA OEM-DAMD1 2400 embedded ZigBee Stack Modules with stub antennas, and (2) IA OEM-DAUB1 2400 ZigBee USB Dongles.
This line of low priced stub antennas is for airborne communication, navigation and identification applications.