stud bolt

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stud, 2
stud, 1
1. An upright post or support, esp. one of a series of vertical structural members which act as the supporting elements in a wall or partition.
2. A cylindrical rod of moderate length, threaded on one or both ends or throughout its entire length.
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Two probable causes existed: torque-induced side loading of the stud bolts and bolt holes misalignment due to meridional rotation of the flange section.
31 July 2012 - Lamons, the gaskets producing organisation of US engineered and applied products maker Trimas Corp (NASDAQ:TRS), has taken over Brazil-based company CIFAL Industrial e Comercial Ltda, a producer and supplier of specialty fasteners and stud bolts to the oil and gas business, the buyer said on Tuesday.
Job includes (a) fitting and flanges, (b) stainless steel fitting, pressure transmitters and pressure gauges, (c) thermal relief valves, (d) gaskets and stud bolts, also (e) pigs and pig traps.
Therefore, exchanging parts like stud bolts or other fasteners while performing maintenance can be troublesome above-sea and and even more so beneath the sea.
It introduced the first single-piece non-welded holdown anchor and the first predeflected holdown that eliminated the need for stud bolts and countersinking.
Sale surplus pipes, stud bolts, coupling Tender no: LTC/LT14MT0064 Description: Sale and removal of surplus pipes, stud bolts, coupling/cap/union/nipple, units, elbows, flanges, reducers, tees cross, gaskets valves, thermodynamic, blowers etc.
The companya[euro](tm)s Lamons business has inked a deal to buy Sao Paolo-headquartered Cifal, which operates as a producer of speciality fasteners and stud bolts.