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a. a person following a course of study, as in a school, college, university, etc.
b. (as modifier): student teacher
2. a person who makes a thorough study of a subject



a person enrolled in a higher educational institution or, in some countries, in a secondary school. In ancient Rome and in the Middle Ages, any person engaged in the acquisition of knowledge was called a student. The term was used for all who attended the universities when these were first established in the 12th century, and originally the instructors were called students as well; with the introduction of academic titles, such as magister and professor, the designation was restricted to actual students.

In the USSR a student is a person studying at a higher educational institution; at a specialized secondary educational institution, the student is called an uchashchiisia (“learner”), at a military school, a kursant (“course attender”), and at a military academy, a slushatel’ (“listener”).

In the United States, Great Britain, and several other countries, the term “students” includes those studying at colleges.


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Bijan regularly attends meetings for various student groups where the energy and excitement of reform remains heady.
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This practice technique, used mainly in memory security practice, requires that a student play one measure, internally hear the second measure and then pick up, in tempo, and play the third measure, followed by aurally hearing or singing the fourth measure and so on.
In one typical action in 1988, Rutgers University, which had just banned bringing kegs into dorms, responded to a student's death by embargoing all Greek events.
To interest students in this type of work, IRS agents have spoken to on campus accounting societies in general terms, censoring the confidential stories that students would probably find most exciting about IRS employment.
In other words these students are underachieving in mathematics, reading, writing, or some other academic area.

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