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a. a person following a course of study, as in a school, college, university, etc.
b. (as modifier): student teacher
2. a person who makes a thorough study of a subject



a person enrolled in a higher educational institution or, in some countries, in a secondary school. In ancient Rome and in the Middle Ages, any person engaged in the acquisition of knowledge was called a student. The term was used for all who attended the universities when these were first established in the 12th century, and originally the instructors were called students as well; with the introduction of academic titles, such as magister and professor, the designation was restricted to actual students.

In the USSR a student is a person studying at a higher educational institution; at a specialized secondary educational institution, the student is called an uchashchiisia (“learner”), at a military school, a kursant (“course attender”), and at a military academy, a slushatel’ (“listener”).

In the United States, Great Britain, and several other countries, the term “students” includes those studying at colleges.


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Division D developed directly from the studentship scheme.
Two years later the John Tinker Travelling Studentship was set up with pounds 1,000 from fellow philanthropist Tinker.
WELSH cancer charity Tenovus will fund a PhD studentship to start next month.
CONSTRUCTION students at Edinburgh's Telford College are building a better future for themselves - thanks to the launch of a new Bellway Homes Studentship Award.
Emily Patterson and Laura Wyles have won awards for progress and hard work, and the studentship award has gone to Les Bell, a mature student, who ran his own business as a mechanical engineer.
Ms Rahman, 27, said:"I feel honoured to have been awarded the studentship for my PhD.
The other winners were: Media Achievement Award sponsored by Codemasters: Goshul Rathod HPL Prototypes Design & Model Making Awards sponsored by HPL Prototypes: First - Luca Frondella Second - Jamie Pearson Performing Arts Outstanding Achievement Award sponsored by Storm Entertainments: Lori-Lanie Shanks and Mirie-Marie Shanks NADFAS Foundation Award sponsored by Royal Leamington Spa Decorative and Fine Arts Society: Matthew Caldwell Studentship Awards: Philippa Brown and Sue Wightman Furniture Crafts - Paul Roden Trophy: Terry Aldersley Music Achievement Award: Hannah Thornicroft
Totalling a significant pounds 68,000, the awards are funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and include one research preparation masters studentship in fine art, three professional preparation masters studentships across design and fine art and one doctoral studentship in design.
Richard, who graduated from Northumbria with a First-Class honours degree in applied sport and exercise science in 2009, was selected for the PhD studentship from more than 140 candidates from across the country.
The North East Studentship (NESt) funds postgraduate students to work with companies on projects while they are studying at one of the region's universities.
Kirsty is now to stay on at university after she was awarded an MSc research studentship funded by The George Barton Trust, which funds research into motor neurone disease.

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