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carpet stuffers

Extra yarn, usually jute, which is run lengthwise through the center of the fabric of carpet backing to add thickness and weight.
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Here are some great ( Christmas stocking stuffers (or fun end-of-year gifts for friends and family) to pick up, no matter your budget:
" There are boxed gift sets and stocking stuffers, some of which start at less than P100!
The stuffers pump the mix into casings before they are cooked in a smokehouse, cooled by being passed under a shower and packaged.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ninja Action Balls ($4.99) make terrific stocking stuffers. Figures inside are free-floating, showcasing their ninja moves when the ball is bounced.
Special promotions will include free shipping on qualified orders, and stocking stuffer deals with prices under $10.
Biscoff Cookies are available in individual two-packs, large value packs, and food service quantities, and holiday options range from the size of stocking stuffers to impressive corporate gifts.
Printers Square will supply promotional materials including full-color poster signage, brochures, bag stuffers and more.
Available online through, My M&M's allow shoppers to create their own unique, edible twists on holiday gifts, stocking stuffers and season's greetings.
And we're sure you will agree these stocking stuffers priced from pounds 1.95 for the mini Color Protect Daily Shampoo to just pounds 5.25 for the125ml sprays, beat the usual socks and candy canes.
Lightlife is unveiling Smart Stuffers, a new all-natural line of great-tasting frozen vegetarian options that are quick to heat and eat from the freezer to the microwave.
Banks can create entire campaigns for newspapers, direct mail, statement stuffers, posters and Web banner ads.