stun gun

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stun gun,

hand-held electronic device that produces a high-voltage pulse that can immobilize a person for several minutes with no permanent damage in most cases. It is powered by ordinary batteries, which supply power to a circuit containing transformers, oscillators, capacitors, and electrodes. In some versions the electrodes are connected to the gun by wires and may be shot at a person. The transformers increase the voltage in the circuit to between 20,000 and 150,000 V and reduce the current proportionally. The oscillators fluctuate the current to produce a specific pulse frequency, and the current charges the capacitors. Connecting the electrodes to a person's body releases high-voltage electrical energy at a frequency pattern designed to interfere with the neurological impulses that travel through the human body to control voluntary muscle movement. The use of stun guns has been associated with death in some cases, typically when the person on whom the gun was used on has taken drugs or has a pre-existing heart condition; the use of device multiple times also appears to be a factor. The degree to which the stun gun may have contributed to the deaths is unclear, but studies with pigs have shown that repeated shocks can cause heart stress and a test of some of the devices showed that a few delivered more current than expected.
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Mr Jones said there were two stun guns disguised as mobile phones, which were capable of discharging between 5,000 and 8,000 volts.
Morrow's charges include two counts of second- degree assault, fourth-degree assault, second- degree unlawful use of a stun gun, and unlawful use of a weapon.
Gordon Richings, prosecuting, said that O'Neill was arrested at a flat in Bartholomew Street West in Exeter on September 11 last year and the 1,000,000V stun gun was found next to him on a sofa.
The report calls for improved data collection but does not make any conclusions about whether police are engaged in racial profiling in their stun gun use.
Stun guns disguised as flashlights and even perfume bottles can also be bought online relatively easily.
In another stun gun purchase, a buyer in Finland complained that an ordered item had not arrived - as the parcel had been seized by customs when it arrived in the country.
Right now, five states - Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Hawaii - and the District of Columbia have bans on the ownership of stun guns for those not in law enforcement.
This kit features a stun gun, a Jogger pepper spray and a mini model pepper spray.
A luggage scan showed a knuckleduster in his case, and a further search then revealed the disguised stun gun.
The maximum sentence for possessing a stun gun is five years in jail.
She said it was necessary to protect herself against an abusive boyfriend and challenged the constitutionality of the stun gun ban.
Police found Caetano's stun gun in her purse during a shoplifting investigation at a supermarket in 2011.