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The soft touch paint on the barrel and the color-coordinated, polished anodized aluminium cap sets these styli apart from others on the market.
As Manning (1985: [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 24 OMITTED]) does not show styli with rectangular sections, the body was made in the form of an elongated truncated cone [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
All were of the same order of cylindricity and concentricity as the writer's own copy: hand tools alone would not make for the accuracy shown in the Vindolanda styli.
The writer, examining iron styli found at Vindolanda, found them all to be truly cylindrical, the scribers concentric with the body.
We heard stories about expensive screens being damaged by styli with beat-up tips after being dropped, or by styli that weren't tested for screen safety," said Tony Craig, manager of New Business Development at Pilot.
Pilot OEM styli are now available in 10 models--including four ergonomic designs -- with two different tips.