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see polystyrenepolystyrene
, widely used plastic; it is a polymer of styrene. Polystyrene is a colorless, transparent thermoplastic that softens slightly above 100°C; (212°F;) and becomes a viscous liquid at around 185°C; (365°F;).
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The controversy over whether Styrofoam products are environmentally friendly has led some organizations, such as Punjab Food Authority, to ban the use of Styrofoam for single-use food ware containers and product packaging.
While other researchers have created other cellulose-based foams, these plant-based versions haven't performed as well as Styrofoam, according to Materials Today magazine.
While the suggestion may not be too hard to accept as it is only a matter of changing the practice of following the cycle of changing damaging material to non-damaging but reusable one, the problem lies on the manufacturers of this harmful Styrofoam.
The petitioner asked the court to issue directions to the provincial government to enact a new law completely banning manufacturing, use, sale, storage, import and marketing of polythene bags and Styrofoam products, in particular single-use plastics.
Styrofoam, more accurately known as EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), is derived from polystyrene.
Use of Styrofoam for dine-in orders will also be prohibited.
The ban on Styrofoam and plastics, as well as the 10-cent fee, would take effect one year after the governor signs the bill."It requires New Jersey citizens to change their lifestyle ...
Thanks to all of the volunteers who make this collection possible, which keeps Styrofoam away from the watershed and land.
The scientific panel has made it clear that the presently available styrofoam cups and plates are unsafe for food packaging and can cause cancer.
White Styrofoam topiary forms (or green forms sprayed white with white spray paint)
Styrofoam is no longer manufactured with CFC (notorious ozone-depleting chemical), but still uses HFCs (hydro fluorocarbons) that are still linked to depleting the ozone layer and affecting global warming.
The Department of Solid Waste will be celebrating Earth Day April 22 with a Styrofoam Recycling Extravaganza.