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in psychology, that aspect of mental life that is separate from immediate consciousness and is not subject to recall at will. Sigmund Freud regarded the unconscious as a submerged but vast portion of the mind.
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The term subconscious is confusing because it is used inconsistently. In some discussions this word is used interchangeably with the unconscious. The unconscious is that part of the psyche that is normally beyond the reach of consciousness—although psychoanalysis and certain other forms of psychotherapy can reputedly access certain parts of the unconscious through such techniques as dream interpretation. In other discussions, the term is used to represent what Sigmund Freud termed the preconscious, namely, those contents of the mind which, while not within the immediate spotlight of awareness, can be quickly accessed simply by turning one’s attention to them. We are normally unaware of, for example, such background noises as the sound of the wind in the trees or the soft hum of a heating and cooling system. However, it would not be difficult to bring these sounds to our consciousness if we so wished.


Pertaining to mental activity beyond the level of consciousness, including the preconscious and the unconscious.


1. acting or existing without one's awareness
2. Psychoanal that part of the mind which is on the fringe of consciousness and contains material of which it is possible to become aware by redirecting attention
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that leave profound effects in our subconscious state.
This book explained to me how I find the answer to my questions, which I think of when I sleep - it is because my subconscious mind is working on it.
This is a brand new concept of combining the power of vision boards with the hidden potential of the subconscious mind," says Jennifer Casolary of the Subliminal Vision Boards app.
It's during that state, after having spent time determining your thought pattern, that Greenberg can make suggestions for healthier subconscious impulses.
In Subconscious, Mike plays the best friend of the main character, Peter Williams (played by Tim Abell).
Our conscious minds are only responsible for 2-5% of our actions during a day, whereas the majority of our daily lives are ran by our subconscious mind and guess what - our subconscious mind hate change.
Positive statements of affirmation can imprint the subconscious mind to create a healthy, positive self-image.
The subconscious-conscious interrelation can be summarized by Figure 1, where every person has an awareness (represented by the person standing on the island); a conscious part being above the water; while the subconscious part is presented by the part of the island below the water (of which the person is unaware or unconscious).
This seed is fertilized by the subconscious and brought to the embryonic level.
I've had some success managing the facts--the nonfiction input, if you will--that I send to my subconscious.