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any system of beliefs, values and norms which is shared and actively participated in by an appreciable minority of people within a particular culture. The relationship of the subculture to the so-called dominant culture has been identified as one of subordination and relative powerlessness. Power relations are therefore an important dimension of any sociological consideration of subculture.

Subcultures have been examined in terms of ETHNICITY, CLASS, DEVIANCE and YOUTH CULTURE. R. MERTON constructed a typology of possible responses to a dysjunction between means and goals. These responses might give rise to a number of different subcultures. S. Cohen (1971) has noted the emergence of a succession of youth subcultures in the postwar era, for example, in Britain, ‘Teds’, ‘Mods’, ‘Rockers’ and ‘Punks’. It has been suggested that such subcultures serve as ‘magical solutions’ to the problems created for young working-class people in contemporary Western societies (Brake, 1980). They serve to provide a means of establishing both individual and group identity They are discernible largely through stylistic expression, particularly language, demeanour, music, dress and dance.

Subcultures, like culture generally, are the result of collective creativity and are therefore subject to historical change and transformation. Feminist theorists such as McRobbie and Garber (1976), McRobbie (1991) have noted that gender is rarely considered in the study of subcultures. They have raised important questions concerning the relationship of young women to youth subcultures. See also CULTURAL STUDIES, CULTURAL CAPITAL, CULTURAL DEPRIVATION, CULTURAL LAG, CULTURAL (AND LINGUISTIC) RELATIVISM.

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Some of them do not show macro-morphological perceptible changes, but the subculture of this type of shoot for a long time to new vitrifying conditions (culture medium with BA and gelrite) may lead to over-accumulate severe morphophysiological disorder, reducing proliferative competition and quality.
She identifies three tiers of net-radio subcultures within that listening audience (conservatives, swingers and radicals), and examines the relationship these listeners have with net-radio and with other forms of media.
Police in Manchester are starting to record attacks on goths, emos and punks as hate crimes, even though members of the subcultures are not protected under that designation by England's courts.
Law enforcement's common but dangerous subculture poses one of the most significant risks to the health and wellness of its personnel.
SKINHEADS Skinheads were also another subculture and most prominent in the mid to late 60s.
For those who are inside the subculture, anyone who challenges the group regarding a certain shortcut or substandard practice is almost certain to be ousted by the group and thought of as a traitor or someone who can't be trusted.
When combined with the experience of growing up in Appalachia, queerness -- as defined by the collection, a blanket term for being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender -- leads to a new subculture that can leave its members stuck between two worlds.
The film centres around a small group of African Americans--including the leader of this community, the charismatic Mad, as well as his protege, the Middle Eastern American Sara Messenger--at the core of the roller dancing subculture, and describes how the pressure of the Los Angeles police and the eventual breaking up of the skate pavement led to the collapse of a unique and meaningful street art.
Inspired by subcultures of play in Tokyo, the party showcased the costume, gaming and underground music culture that are the iconic lifeblood of the city.
At the end of each subculture, the shoots were isolated and re-inoculated in culture medium.
The mean number of shoots from epicotyl explants was not significantly affected by the presence of BA, IBA or NAA, nor there was a synergistic interaction between these growth regulators during culture initiation and first subculture; however, there were significant differences between the treatments in the second and third subcultures (F Test, P [less than or equal to] 0.01).