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A species which may appear more abundant at particular times of the year than the true dominant in a climax; for example, in a savannah trees and shrubs are more conspicuous than the grasses, which are the true dominants.



in music, one of the three harmonic functions; also, the chord situated a fifth below the tonic and indicated by S. The basis of the subdominant chord is the fourth degree of a scale, which is itself called the subdominant. Chords based on the second and sixth degrees also have subdominant functions. The subdominant gravitates more to the tonic than does the dominant because it contains the tonic’s basic tone. The alternation of subdominants and dominants most clearly defines a scale’s gravitation. The tonality of a tonic’s subdominant is called the subdominant key.

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Mother's opening query, tonic (D minor) to subdominant (G minor).
Clear differences in both canopy height and litter depth in different burn treatments indicate both effects on growth of dominant species and effects on potential seedling and shoot emergence of subdominant species (Knapp and Seastedt, 1986).
These results may arise because subdominant individuals are forced to broaden their use of storing sites to include less optimal places because of interference from more dominant individuals.
78, the protagonist once again has restricted his rage as the key settles into the subdominant, and the dynamics are pianissimo rising to forte at m.
The crustacean zooplankton community has generally been dominated by the cladoceran Daphnia rosen and the calanoid copepod Diaptomus novamexicanus, with Bosmina longirostris and Holopedium gibberum occurring as subdominants (Janik 1988, Elser 1992).
Other important subdominant species in the sapling size class include paper birch at Sites 3 and 9, sugar maple at Site 8, black cherry at Site 18, bitternut hickory [Carya cordiformis (Wangenh.
This posits the reduction in cover and biomass of graminoids due to consumption by grazers increases resource availability (particularly light) and reduces the competitive effects of dominant grasses on subdominant and subordinate forb species, increasing their relative abundance.
2] from 2002 to 2003, in general subdominant species were not consistently abundant enough to examine density shifts over time.
While the outer sections inhabit fifth-based tonality (they modulate to the subdominant and conclude in the tonic), the B section inhabits a tonal universe that, thanks to neo-Riemannian theory, has come to be defined by its obviation of a tonal center.
After the establishment of the social hierarchy, fighting among group members declines because of the avoidance strategies practiced by the subdominant individuals towards the dominant individuals (Langbein and Puppe, 2004; Rhim et al.
Subdominant species: Species with a presence degree of V and an abundance-coverage lower than two or species with a presence degree of IV and any abundance-coverage.