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A subset N of a group G which is itself a group relative to the same operation.



in mathematics, a subset of elements of a group that itself forms a group with respect to the group operation. This means that a subgroup that contains the elements a and b will always contain a-1 and ab as well.

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After treatment with GFS, the serum 5-HT levels in the subgroups of MI, depression, and MI + depression groups significantly increased compared with that in subgroup of control group ( P = 0.
The SDS-PAGE results revealed that young snails' tissue proteins exhibited a complex pattern of polypeptides with a total number of nine, nine, nine, ten and 11 bands, in young non infected, subgroup Ia (susceptible members, resistant members), subgroup IIa (susceptible members and resistant members), respectively.
The formation of a subgroup does not necessarily mean the NAIC will develop a model in a particular area, but it may increase the odds that the NAIC will at least talk about creating a model law, a model regulation, or some other type of model, such as a model bulletin, or a model instruction manual section for insurance company examiners.
It divides the group divided into subgroups, each maintain its subgroup using Group Diffie-Hellman (GDH) and links with other subgroups using Tree-based Group Diffie-Hellman (TGDH).
Use of LCA resulted in estimates of the proportion of cases associated with each response category for each DSI variable within each latent subgroup.
The difference in the mean number of PMNL in the subgroup B3 and its control subgroup was insignificant (pgreater than 0.
Lower courts presented with due process challenges on behalf of subgroups typically respond in one of two ways: either they reject the claims based on the Mathews Court's statement that due process rules must be targeted to "the generality of cases, not the rare exceptions," or they apply the Mathews test to only the subgroup, as if the subgroup members make up the entire population of individuals using the procedures.
Now r does not divide [absolute value of (H')], and it follows that r divides [absolute value of (H : H')], and thus H has a normal subgroup N with [absolute value of (H : N)] = r.
Unsupervised hierarchical clustering by the company identified three molecular subgroups within HGSOC, including one with angiogenic gene inactivation and immune gene upregulation ('termed the immune' subgroup ) with better overall survival rates, as well as two molecular subgroups with angiogenic gene upregulation and a corresponding worse overall survival rate after standard of care first line chemotherapy.
3 subgroup in the eastern United States could be a recent or ancient event.
Since N is a normal Hall subgroup of G, cd(N) is exactly the set of [pi] -parts of the elements of cd(G) and every degree in cd(G/N') divides the index [absolute value of G : N] by Theorem 6.
It has been proved that for every group G, there exists a minimal neat-injective group A that contains G as a neat subgroup.