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A subset N of a group G which is itself a group relative to the same operation.



in mathematics, a subset of elements of a group that itself forms a group with respect to the group operation. This means that a subgroup that contains the elements a and b will always contain a-1 and ab as well.

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Aramaic and Canaanite also share a large number of consonant mergers, (8) but losses or mergers are meaningless for subgrouping, and so this feature cannot be used to substantiate a Ugaritic-Canaanite subgroup.
The effect of conditional subgrouping is illustrated with the aid of Figure 4 which shows an unconditioned QAM received constellation for an [S.sub.Rx](t) burst at SNR = 12 dB and containing approximately [N.sub.Sym] [approximately equal to] 3400 total symbols (approximately 850 [mathematical expression not reproducible] projections per quadrant).
But Zenko's roost at CFR is with a small subgrouping called the Center for Preventive Action, notable in that its purpose is to promote vigorous and active diplomacy.
Unfortunately, there are no such markers for subgrouping TNBCs.
Biologically, we chose the 1/10th subgrouping strategy (n [??] 10) among tested subgrouping strategies although each transcription factor of interest may need adjust subgrouping strategy for network analysis to increase both sensitivity and specificity of network analysis.
The announcement of a subgrouping follows other geographically-oriented military units created by Asaib Ahl al- Haq during the Iraq war, such as the group's Kataib Imam Hassan al-Askari, which primarily operated in Diyala Province.
Formalized as a committee or not, any subgrouping that creates distortion diminishes the capacity of the whole.
The widespread use of monoclonal antibodies for routine subgrouping of L.
According to the EUROCAT subgrouping, there was an increased prevalence of heart and limb defects.
Subgrouping, Circularity and Extinction: some Issues in Austronesian Comparative Linguistics.
A fourth case subgrouping variable was newly derived by ADDM clinicians based on a review of the entire composite record; clinicians classified cases as AD, requiring documented symptoms corresponding to DSM-IV-TR criteria for AD, or ASD-NOS, requiring fewer or less severe symptoms and including Asperger's disorder and pervasive developmental disorder.