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A sinusoidal quantity having a frequency that is an integral submultiple of the frequency of some other sinusoidal quantity to which it is referred; a third subharmonic would be one-third the fundamental or reference frequency.
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in radio engineering, a sinusoidal oscillation with a frequency usually equal to an integral submultiple or proper fraction of the fundamental frequency. Subharmonics are produced by means of frequency dividers. Some frequency dividers can reduce the frequency by a factor of several thousand in a single stage.


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(Russian, unterton), a sinusoidal component of a periodic oscillation of complex shape. The frequency of a subharmonic is an integral submultiple—usually by a factor of two—of the fundamental frequency. As a rule, subharmonics occur in nonlinear systems.

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The current work is focused on designing a microstrip millimeter wave subharmonic mixer, which uses graphene as nonlinear component.
That makes this phenomenon very important object for research together with other typical sources of subharmonic and superharmonic vibrations.
Offering a typical second harmonic of -14 dBc and no subharmonic, Crystek's CVS575S-500 500-MHz voltage controlled surface acoustic wave (SAW) oscillator (VCSO) generates a phase noise level of -135 dBc/Hz at an offset of 10 kHz.
Since [f.sub.N] - f is entire, [[absolute value of [g.sub.N]].sup.p] is subharmonic for any p [member of] N.
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(Royal Oak, MI) Meta-Lax[R] product, which relieves thermal stress within metal components and welds by using nondestructive, highly efficient subharmonic vibrations during welding to prevent distortion, cracking, and weld degradation.
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From the subharmonic Melnikov method [10, 11], the resonance band of [omega] = m/n has 2n fixed points.
The first serial concept (being based on multiplication) leads to a "subharmonic proportional series" (see Example 2), the second one (being based on division) to a "harmonic or overtone series" (see Example 3).
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