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1. a medicinal formulation made of a compressed powdered substance containing an active drug and excipients
2. a slab of stone, wood, etc., esp one formerly used for inscriptions
3. NZ a token giving right of way to the driver of a train on a single line section


A rectangular separate panel or flat slab, often bearing an inscription or carving of an image.



a solid dosage form of medication. Tablets are manufactured commercially by molding or compressing medicinal substances combined with such neutral substances as sugar, starch, sodium chloride, talc, and alcohol. Some types of tablets are coated.


1. A regularly shaped, separate panel, or a representation thereof, often bearing an inscription or image.
2. A coping stone, set flat; also called tabling.
3. A plaque, often inscribed and carved, usually affixed to a wall surface or set into the surface; sometimes used to serve as a memorial or to commemorate a special event.


A query language.

["Human Factor Comparison of a Procedural and a Non-procedural Query Language", C. Welty et al, ACM Trans Database Sys 6(4):626-649 (Dec 1981)].


(1) See digitizer tablet.

(2) A general-purpose computer contained in a touchscreen panel. Although earlier tablets required a stylus, modern tablets are operated by fingers, and a stylus is an option.

iPad, Android and BlackBerry
In 2010, Apple's iPad created a tablet revolution as dramatic as it did with the iPhone. However, Android tablets have given the iPad a run for its money with numerous models from many vendors. BlackBerry introduced a tablet for its customers, which was later discontinued (see BlackBerry PlayBook). See iPad and Android.

Windows Tablets
In 2000, Microsoft introduced a tablet version of Windows (see Tablet PC). However, Windows tablets were not widely used until Windows 8 changed the game in 2012. Any program that runs on a Windows PC can run on a Windows 8 or Windows 10 tablet. See Windows tablet.

Thousands of Applications
Just like smartphones, tablets come with a Web browser and a variety of installed apps; however, a huge number of free and paid apps are available from the vendor's online store (see online app store). See mobile compatibility.

Full Size and Mini
Left to right are the Lenovo IdeaTab (Windows 8), Apple iPad (iOS) and Acer Iconia (Android). The small tablet is the Amazon Kindle Fire (Android).

State-Of-The-Art in 1999
Although seriously bulky by today's standards, the Qbe ("Cube") Windows tablet included voice recognition, camera, analog modem, Ethernet and a keyboard for desktop use. (Image courtesy of Aqcess Technologies Inc.)

The Tablet Newspaper Prototype
In 1994, Knight-Ridder's Roger Fidler predicted newspapers would be viewed on tablets in the future. Watch the video:
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Adverse events commonly observed with the sublingual administration of buprenorphine/naloxone sublingual tablets during clinical trials and post-marketing experience are headache, nausea, vomiting, hyperhidrosis, constipation, signs and symptoms of withdrawal, insomnia, pain and peripheral edema.
Results comply with the in vitro dissolution parameters of sublingual tablets; that is, they should release more than 80% of the drug content within 15 minutes of initiation of experiment [14].
The company is commercializing its proprietary product, ZUBSOLV sublingual tablets, for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence, in the United States.
Nocdurna is the first and only sublingual tablet indicated for the treatment of nocturia due to nocturnal polyuria in adults who awaken at least two times per night to void.
One advantage of the sublingual tablet is that it precludes the need for patients to travel to a physician's office for regular injections, he noted, although being on a schedule of regular injections helps ensure compliance.
Asenapine was formulated in a sublingual tablet because it is not bioavailable if orally ingested.
Following dosing of the 30 mcg sufentanil sublingual tablet, therapeutic sufentanil plasma concentrations were reached within 30 minutes and remained above this level for approximately 3 hours, consistent with the onset and duration of analgesia observed in the clinical trials.
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of medium dosage strength of ZUBSOLV (buprenorphine/naloxone CIII sublingual tablet) for maintenance treatment of opioid dependence.
The TIRF REMS covers Abstral (fentanyl) sublingual tablet, Actiq (fentanyl citrate) oral transmucosal lozenge and its generic equivalents, Fentora (fentanyl citrate) buccal tablet, Lazanda (fentanyl) nasal spray, and Onsolis (fentanyl) buccal soluble film.
Abstral, a fast-acting sublingual tablet formulation of fentanyl citrate for the treatment of breakthrough cancer pain, got regulatory approval by Health Canada in February 2011.
-- The Food and Drug Administration's Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee has agreed that asenapine maleate, an atypical antipsychotic formulated in an immediate-release sublingual tablet, is effective and has an acceptable safety profile for the acute treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar I disorder in adults.