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Moreover, in line with their cosmological Neoplatonic scheme, the Ikhwan reinterpret the mythic Shii idea according to which the Imams are God's names, by extending it to all of creation: the universe, from the universal intellect down to the sublunary world, is infused with divine attributes.
The sestet seeks to reestablish equal footing, or a mutually gratifying experience of kinship, by exchanging sublunary affection or creative partnership for posthumous spiritual rewards.
Sublunary nature persists."The simple truths of this observation returned to haunt me on Saturday as I savoured the company of the people whose exploits on the football field helped build my profession.
Macrobius is the first to personify Nature as artifex, giving her attributes that were to become part of the tradition, and Chalcidius's commentaries on the Timaeus concretize the figure as playing an intermediary role between the eternal world-soul and sublunary matter.
One basically reads in the first sentence of the passage about the bi-division of the cosmos between a superlunary and sublunary region ([phrase omitted]) and also about the providential role that this governing part undertakes for the sake of the cosmos as a whole ([phrase omitted]).
The moon, when it stays in the evil dominated sublunary region, personifies mystery or sorcery; casts her full radiance on the earth and keeps her darkest face in the background.
According to Mandeville, precisely the fact that passions once given for self-preservation produce these mixed blessings "lays open to us the precariousness of sublunary happiness, and the wretched condition of mortals" (2:135; italics mine).
As a consequence, we wanted our Verona to be a comfortably ordinary place for as long as possible, and for as many sublunary citizens as possible--a place full of people busy playing the leads in their own lives rather than attendant lords in someone else's, intent on their own joys and cares, most of the time treating the Montague/Capulet brawls as so much white noise.
(6) This upwards and outwards movement is reversed in Henryson's poem, where the seven planets--Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Phoebus, Mercury, Cynthia, and Venus--step down from their spheres to the sublunary world, which--unlike them--is subject to change (Rawcliffe 2009: 96).
Thanks to her beauty and charm, Faustine has become a powerful figure in the sublunary world, a world which is characterized by instability indicated through the words "ebbing" and "shifting" (Swinburne 11).
While Spenser and Milton dramatized repeatedly the potentially troubling role of poetry, they did so with a deep awareness of the materiality of their poems, and indeed of the materiality of the living universe (both human and angelic, sublunary and cosmic), which these poems attempted to represent, and in which they inscribed themselves.
In the poem, Donne's speaker, leaving on a journey, first tries to comfort his mistress (and himself) by claiming superiority to "Dull sublunary lovers" (13) who are unable to bear physical separation.