subpost, car frame

An elevator car frame all of whose members are located below the car platform.
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Serving as a subpost to Fort Dade on Egmont Key, Fort De Soto saw U.S.
If you visited Martin's subpost office, Vale Road in Denbigh on April 7, did you notice these two men in picture 13 both wearing distinctive blue shirts with dark hair?
He said that project would be completed in three phases in the first phase the EMO service would be expanded to 1,000 subpost offices, in the second to 1,000 and in third to remaining 1,080, he added.
Indeed, this column will only be brought to you (assuming it arrives at all!) courtesy of the free wifi provided by the Cornhill shop which has opened its portal all week to a queue of cursing off-liners eager to pick up and reply to emails by piggybacking the subpost office's precious signal.
People of other constituencies will say that they want Amethi- like development," he said, addressing a gathering in Sukul Bazar after inaugurating a subpost office there.
Mr Smith said a subpost master had felt distressed when suspicion had fallen on him after the loss of pounds 6,000 from a pouch and a manager at a service station was initially faced with disciplinary proceedings when another sum went missing.
In retirement, he ran a subpost office in Potten End, Hertfordshire, which fittingly matched a career where everything came with a first-class stamp.
Prosecuting, John Dove said that between January and August last year Ladwa had stolen pounds 38,942 from the subpost office and a further pounds 2,633 from its bureau de change counter.
In Nefyn Post Office, relief subpost mistress Anne Hall said Duffy's triumph at the Brits was on everyone's lips yesterday.
-- Camp Bullis (subpost of Fort Sam Houston) and Camp Stanley (part of the Red River Arsenal) are contiguous sites located in northern Bexar and western Comal counties approximately 29 km NNW of San Antonio, Texas (29[degrees]41'N, 98[degrees]34'W).
On October 10, 1801, (Coues: 189), Henry visited Langlois who had built at the Hair Hills west of Pembina, an important subpost. How Sutherland confused these details is difficult to understand.
Possuelo eventually came to be in charge of the Villas-Boas' northern subpost at Diauarum in the Mato Grosso region of southeastern Brazil--the realm of Claudio, the quieter brother.