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A subset of a space which, in the appropriate context, is a space in its own right.



in mathematics, a set of elements of a space P that is itself a space in the same sense as P. For example, every set of elements of a metric space is a metric subspace. In a three-dimensional vector space R3, any line or plane is, respectively, a subspace R1 and R2 of R3

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It identifies the subspace of the image space spanned by the training face image data and decorrelates the pixel values.
We continue to use the LDA algorithm for the optimal discriminant subspace, so that the samples can be maximally distinguished.
k], is set to the minimum value that the join subspaces in [Set.
Our next result shows that the above theorem is valid for weak*-closed subspaces of finite co-dimension in C(K)** (which is again a space of continuous functions), under a weaker hypothesis.
The GCRO method allows the user to select the optimal correction over arbitrary subspaces.
Section 3 investigates the solution space feature of line-pure seru system conversion based on W divided subspaces according to the number of serus.
de Prada Vicente, On fuzzy subspaces, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 58 (1993) 365373.
According to the subspace decomposition theory, the signal-interference subspace is spanned by the columns of [E.
The remaining eigenvectors define a noise subspace that does not contain any signal component.
15] proposed that the first subspace represents wall clutter, second subspace represents target(s) and all other subspaces belong to noise.
Several phase space projection methods, based on subspace decomposition, were proposed for application to the problem of additive noise reduction in the context of phase space analysis--the global projections method [2], [5] and the local (nearest neighborhoods) phase spaces method [1-4], [6].
The space that is the union of subspaces spanned by the vector [N.