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also called race, a genetically distinct geographical subunit of a speciesspecies,
in biology, a category of classification, the original and still the basic unit in the demarcation of plant and animal types. The species marks the boundary between populations of organisms rather than between individuals.
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. See also classificationclassification,
in biology, the systematic categorization of organisms into a coherent scheme. The original purpose of biological classification, or systematics, was to organize the vast number of known plants and animals into categories that could be named, remembered, and
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a taxonomic category of animals and plants below a species. A subspecies is a group of geographically or, less frequently, ecologically or geochronologically isolated populations of a species, in which all or the majority of individuals differ in one or more morphological characters from individuals of other populations of the same species.

The name of a subspecies is formed by adding a third word, or epithet, to the species name. For example, the Middle Asian fox Vulpes vulpes flavescens is a subspecies of the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). In botany and, sometimes, zoology, subsp. or ssp. is written between the species name and the name of the subspecies.


A geographically defined grouping of local populations which differs taxonomically from similar subdivisions of species.
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Except for Podicepsparvus, all material is assigned to extant lineages, although in some cases differing at the subspecific level.
parviceps parviceps, implicitly conferring to it subspecific rank.
Subspecific separation is not clear, but only 2 bp are different between Taiwanese and South Chinese individuals in the COI sequences (658 bp).
The genus Narcissus comprises bulbous plants of the Northern Hemisphere belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family, consisting of about 63 species and many subspecific taxa and natural hybrids [10,11].
The taxonomy of the South American Rattlesnakes, Crotalus durissus, has been a frequent subject of debate, especially concerning the various supposed subspecific designations.
including at subspecific and population levels (if known).
2002) greatly overlap and subspecific differences appear only if forced statistically.
If the first two words of a three-word subspecific name are the same, they are even more closely related.
dulcis dulcis samples in having very low dorsal scale counts, and warrants subspecific recognition.
2003) confirmed those subspecific differences using mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA).