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He said they had entered substantive talks and the negotiations had taken place in a constructive atmosphere.
Ghana-based HFC bank has announced that it has named a substantive managing director.
The contract is to conduct training for employees of substantive support school work, networking and self-education teachers from schools in disadvantaged areas and workshops to exchange experiences.
The talks are very serious and substantive and useful," the head of the Iranian delegation at the expert-level talks, senior Foreign Ministry official Hamid Baidinejad, told the Fars news agency.
The above special remissions will be admissible provided that the convicts have undergone 2/3rd of their substantive sentence of imprisonment.
The new board comprises full members who are referred to as substantive board members as well as alternate members who will stand in for their respective substantive members when needed.
The text focuses on the general principles of the law of remedies that cut across substantive fields, for students and lawyers encountering remedies problems in any substantive field, and does not contain chapters on remedies for particular wrongs or kinds of injury.
EXPLANATION:: Substantive decision-maker kick-out (removal) or participating rights held by parties other than a decision maker and its related parties affect decision-maker ability to direct the activities that most significantly impact entity economic performance, indicating a decision-maker is an agent as follows:
CONTENTS Introduction Scope of This Statement on Auditing Standards/1 Effective Date/2 Objectives/3 Definition/4 Requirements Substantive Analytical Procedures/5 Analytical Procedures That Assist When Forming an Overall Conclusion/6 Investigating Results of Analytical Procedures/7 Documentation/8 Application and Other Explanatory Material Objectives/A1 Definition of Analytical Procedures/A2-A6 Substantive Analytical Procedures/A7-A24 Analytical Procedures That Assist When Forming an Overall Conclusion/A25-A27 Investigating Results of Analytical Procedures/A28-A29 Documentation/A30
In a brief statement announcing the three-day visit, the External Affairs Ministry Monday said it is being undertaken "in pursuance of the mandate given by the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan, during their meeting at Thimphu in April, 2010, to the Foreign Ministers and Foreign Secretaries of both the countries to work out the modalities of restoring trust and confidence in the relationship, thus paving the way for a substantive dialogue on issues of mutual concern.
The substantive implications of procedural law are well understood.
The reorganization of the civil jury instructions was based upon the delineation of separate sections, which include oaths, preliminary instructions, evidence instructions, substantive instructions, damages, general substantive instructions, closing instructions, and supplemental matters.