subsurface investigation

geotechnical investigation

A soil boring and sampling process (together with associated laboratory testing) required to establish the sub-surface profiles and relative strengths of the strata encountered at depths likely to have an influence on the design of a building project. Also called a subsurface investigation.
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The use of vertical electrical sounding (YES) in the subsurface investigation has increased in recent years.
At this point, a comprehensive subsurface investigation can be planned and this will require adequate geophysical and geotechnical methods [9][19].
With current practices, a detailed site-specific subsurface investigation for waste injection is seldom undertaken, the authors say.
Novices may be unfamiliar with some of the subsurface investigation methods he calls for, but that information should be readily available online and in print.
Important geotechnical aspects of the project included a sophisticated subsurface investigation using specialized field and laboratory testing, an advanced pile and barrette testing program, and a site-specific seismic hazard analysis.
GZA GeoEnvironmental, an environmental consultant to New Hampshire DES, has prepared a draft 2009 data report, which provides a summary, analysis, interpretation and findings of the residential sampling programs, onsite subsurface investigation, and overburden and deep bedrock groundwater sampling events that occurred at and in the vicinity of the site in 2009 and early 2010.
The TRB subcommittee, ITGAUM, and FHWA jointly are pursuing several initiatives, including evaluating subsurface investigation methods, developing a manual of best practices, and refining modeling techniques for mine collapses.
Existing official information in the form of reports and records can assist subsurface investigation.
In response, the city maintained that the contract obligated Ruby-Collins to perform all the backfill work necessary for the installation of the pipeline, that the contract did not include a differing site conditions clause entitling Ruby-Collins to additional compensation and that Ruby-Collins's own pre-bid subsurface investigation failed to contain a determination that Ruby-Collins could use the excavated soils immediately for back fill.
The present study involves the subsurface investigation of the study area.
For example, an E-Designation for hazardous materials will require an initial environmental assessment followed by a required subsurface investigation, which typically involves sampling of soils, groundwater, and soil vapor throughout the property.
With this additional certification, American Environmental is eligible to participate as a DBE on MTA, New York State Department of Transportation, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority federally assisted projects in their certified areas of service including Environmental Consulting Services, Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Subsurface Investigation and Remediation of Contaminated Sites.