succinic acid

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succinic acid:

see Krebs cycleKrebs cycle,
series of chemical reactions carried out in the living cell; in most higher animals, including humans, it is essential for the oxidative metabolism of glucose and other simple sugars.
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Succinic Acid


HOOCCH2CH2 COOH. Also known as butanedioic acid, succinic acid is a colorless, crystalline compound that is soluble in ethanol, ether, and water.

Succinic acid has a melting point of 185°C and a density of 1.563 g/cm3 at 20°C. It is found in small amounts in brown coal, amber, plants, and animals; it is an intermediate in the tricarboxylic acid cycle.

Succinic acid is produced industrially mainly by the hydrogenation of maleic anhydride. The acid itself and a number of its derivatives—including its anhydride, monoamides, diamides, and esters and salts (succinates), as well as succinimide—are used in the production of various plastics, polyester resins, dyes, insecticides, and pharmaceuticals; they are also used in the synthesis of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.

succinic acid

[sək′sin·ik ′as·əd]
(organic chemistry)
CO2H(CH2)2CO2H Water-soluble, colorless crystals with an acid taste; melts at 185°C; used as a chemical intermediate, in medicine, and to make perfume esters.
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The results of SEM and XRF analysis confirm that nanoparticles were strongly adhered to surface of cotton fabric through a cross-linkage of succinic acid.
Bearing in mind that the succinic acid used in this study was also obtained from the ethyl acetate extract from the sisal liquid residue, the results suggested a possible synergistic or additive action of the SA with these flavonoids.
The correlation matrix calculated with analyzed process variables and responses showed that the use of succinic acid presented strong correlation ([R.
A number of trials were undertaken with specific volume of succinic acid at various liquid/solid proportions.
After 3 h, the reactor was cooled at 160[degrees]C, and a mixture of succinic acid, (82.
BASF and CSM are currently working to convert an existing fermentation facility at Puraca[euro](tm)s Montmelo site in Spain for production of succinic acid, with operations to start late next year and final investment to be decided after market introduction.
The biggest hurdle, Lin says, is working to scale up the process to produce high yields of useful succinic acid.
SDK), at its Tatsuno Plant in Hyogo Prefecture, has succeeded in producing biodegradable polyester resin Bionolle(TM) on a commercial scale using bio-derived succinic acid.
Noah is a very special member of my family and has a rare metabolic condition called Arginno Succinic Acid Urea, which means that he has the gene missing which affects how his body processes the protein he eats.
Cytochalasin J, dechlorogriseofulvin, griseofulvin, harzianic acid and succinic acid have been reported from extracts of endophytic fungi.
BioAmber is already producing biobased succinic acid, which has been sampled to several existing PBS producers that could be sources for AmberWorks (Plymouth, Minn.