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What does it mean when you dream about sucking?

Sucking is an instinctive act of seeking nurturance. A dream about sucking can relate to childhood feelings of being nurtured or of being dependent. There are also numerous slang usages of this term, including advice to “suck it up” and “sucking up” to someone in authority.

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'Suck and blow' involves a set of playing cards that two participants transfer to a container from the deck.
Another focused in on Josh's willingness to suck Kaz's toes, saying: "Josh sprinted to the bed to suck his new tings toes guilt free and Georgia is here crying about a kiss #loveisland"
Similar to the pacifier preference design described in the work by Zimmerman and Barlow [25], the present protocol consisted of 2-minute suck samples to assess the short-term effects of texture arrays on ororhythmic output.
South Carolina-based SAB Enterprises, who make Suck & Blow, and Crunk Juce makers Gila Brew Co, based in Georgia, plan to change the packaging in a bid to have the ban lifted.
In preterm infants, the sucking reflex is often not present at birth and an infant's ability to suck may not be sufficient to sustain adequate nutrition through feeding by mouth.
The patient used to suck her digits (right thumb finger), unconsciously in sleep or when idle from the primary dentition period.
These are very destructive pests during seedling and vegetative phase of cotton as they suck the sap of the plant, make it weak and in case of severe infestation wilting and shedding of leaves occur (Abro et al., 2004).
A kind of picture book for grownups, "Relations That Suck: The Story of Eva And Dries" by Marilyn Yu tells the story of a vampire and her relationship with a man who is drawn to her.
It's stressful for your brain and your body, making you more likely to pick, pull, twirl, suck, or chew." The primary focus of What to Do When Bad Habits Take Hold is five different key strategy young people can use--blocking the habit, keeping one's hands or mouth busy with some other more favorable activity, using some activity that involved the same motion (such as sucking water through a sip cub instead of sucking one's thumb), applying a "wake-up" activity to jazz up the daily routine in the part of body associated with the habit (like gargling with mouthwash instead of engaging in a chewing habit), and learning constructive ways to release tension, like laughter or singing.
Now, I normally try to avoid passing judgment on a movie before I see it, but I feel fairly secure in saying that Max Payne will suck. Why?