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What does it mean when you dream about sucking?

Sucking is an instinctive act of seeking nurturance. A dream about sucking can relate to childhood feelings of being nurtured or of being dependent. There are also numerous slang usages of this term, including advice to “suck it up” and “sucking up” to someone in authority.

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Its soul had been dead for years, sucked dry by the vampires who run the game.
It's refreshing to see unique value propositions coming from a bottom-up perspective (producer groups), particularly since broker-dealer creativity is frequently sucked dry with heavy, burdensome regulation that preoccupies their attention, time and money.
It was subject to self-serving decisions by board members, incompetently run by unqualified party-men and sucked dry by the unions with the blessing of the politicians who had turned it into a dumping ground for unemployable party members; there was a time, not too many years ago, when it employed in excess of 2,000 staff on wages and benefits that profitable airlines did not pay.
At the end of the day, the customer should be treated well, not like a cash cow to be beaten with a stick during major sports events and sucked dry.
The 33-year-old is targeted by Gunners boss Arsene Wenger as a reliever to first-choice forward Olivier Giroud, who had fatigue issues because he was sucked dry in some stretches of the ongoing season.
Death by starvation takes a while, and we helplessly watched as the trees produced tiny green replacements that were soon sucked dry.
Warmth and charm have almost been sucked dry from this incarnation of Oz and performances are muted, especially Franco, who bumbles through his scenes as if he is making up dialogue on the spot.
Similarly, if it slows down because its bandwidth is being sucked dry from video, live streaming of TV, or Facebook and Twitter usage, so too business slows down.
Sucked dry by corruption, it is a dead horse that is still being flogged for that last lap of the race.
With rainfall patterns around the world already changing, glaciers retreating and aquifers being sucked dry, it's really just a question of when and where the first water war will erupt.
The meek and the taxpayers shall inherit a country sucked dry and their children will carry this unbearable fiscal cross.
The pictures he showed me said only one thing: The vulnerable patients, at the mercy of unscrupulous elements, were being sucked dry, in more senses than one.