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What does it mean when you dream about sucking?

Sucking is an instinctive act of seeking nurturance. A dream about sucking can relate to childhood feelings of being nurtured or of being dependent. There are also numerous slang usages of this term, including advice to “suck it up” and “sucking up” to someone in authority.

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Then they realize how much everything else sucks, so they just skate and skate and skate at the park.
The air induction system on your tank is like a giant vacuum cleaner--it sucks up anything that gets close.
When it spies chow, such as an octopus, this shark sucks in prey like a vacuum cleaner.
Millennials," says Beale, "might look at politics and say 'these people sucks' whereas Gen Xers and baby boomers before them were more likely to say, 'Man, these people suck and the system sucks.
All their songs started with hard chunky guitars and some exuberant drumming, then it nosedived into melodic soft rock, which sucks, then the "singing" started, which sent the band off the suckiness chart.
Simple: The network sucks, and it has sucked for a long time.
It was lit upon the first suck and remained lit until 10 seconds had passed without additional sucks.
The site also contains links to Co-Workers Suck, The Boss Sucks and Patients Suck Web sites.
The bottom line is: Russia has sucked, sucks, and will suck.
My own nine year old sucks his thumb in front of the telly.
Out on the street, (un)life is better, too: when the gangsta rapper at the pizza parlor hassles her, Kathy just takes him home and sucks his blood.