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After this, they will compensate to those affected families, but a mere compensation cannot suffice the loss of a family.
Although he does not personally believe AU 9326 broke the treaty, Keller says some auditors have not interpreted the new rules correctly by insisting that clients waive privilege when alternative documentation should suffice.
In the latter case, any sequencer or dedicated accompaniment program will suffice.
* Should a production plan be required with incremental manufacturing reviews, or will the integrated product team environment suffice?
"It's not to say that diplomas won't suffice, it's just the way things are going."
Most of the time, a simple letter from the CPA (with the client's agreement), acknowledging the income reported to the broker or lender is the amount reported to the IRS on the tax return, will suffice.
Three minutes or 80 years, you must always do your best." Suffice to say, during his years in the ring Yoshikawa never once tried to masticate an opponent's ear.
Nobody rides for free, and the handwritten receipt on the hack of a GAMH flier wouldn't suffice for the expense-reportees.
Two will suffice. First, some preachers, writers, and other Baptist leaders lack biblical courage; they remain silent on prophetic issues to defend their jobs or to promote peace and unity around inconsequential values.
Suffice it to say, as with any such heterogeneous collection, some of the chapters are stronger than others; but altogether, this volume offers a wealth of new arguments, experiences, and ideas that will give both proponents and critics of the PP much to consider.
For most players, a balanced diet containing some salty foods and proper hydration with a sports drink will suffice to stave off cramping.
Or will the thumbs-up from a local congressman suffice?