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see asphyxiaasphyxia
, deficiency of oxygen and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood and body tissues. Asphyxia, often referred to as suffocation, usually results from an interruption of breathing due to mechanical blockage of the breathing passages, paralysis of the respiratory muscles
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What does it mean when you dream about suffocation?

Suffocation in a dream may represent intense anxiety associated with being confined or mean the dreamer feels smothered by some situation or relationship.

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Incident took place in Narain, Abbottabad when couple forgot to switch off gas heater of their room meanwhile gas load shedding resulted gas leakage and suffocation in the room claiming lives of the couple.
According to police reports, he started generator and slept in CCTV Camera Room due to suffocation he died, police claimed.
QUETTA: Two persons were killed and seven others including two police personnel injured in gas suffocation and gas related blasts in Quetta and Mastung town on Saturday.
Death of children left in cars can be caused by suffocation due lack of oxygen and heatstroke.
Summary: Emirati girl died of suffocation after her parents left her in the car for six hours
Earlier, seven-year-old Shahroz and four-year-old Ali Hassan already lost their lives due to suffocation while five-year-old Sher Alam died at a local hospital.
Injures included agunshot wound, six rubber bullet injuries, and 11 teargas suffocation cases were among the reported injuries, the Palestinian Red Crescent said.
The second suspect in the robbery-killing of an architecture student who was stabbed 18 times, died from suffocation inside the cramped detention cell of the Taguig City police headquarters Sunday night, officials said.
Mosul / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / A medical source in Makhmour district Hospital announced the rise in cases of suffocation among the inhabitants of the district because of the burning of Qayyarah oil wells by Daesh terrorist organization to 80 cases.
SARGODHA -- A sanitary worker died of suffocation while two others fainted due to filling of poisonous gas while cleansing manhole here on Saturday.
During the 15-year period, the rate of suicide by suffocation more than doubled for females from 0.
For nonwovens producers, CPSC is currently most interested in data related to "mesh-like" or other "breathable" materials to determine whether these materials present a risk of suffocation to an infant if the infant's face is pressed into the material.