sugar maple

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sugar maple:

see maplemaple,
common name for the genus Acer of the Aceraceae, a family of deciduous trees and shrubs of the Northern Hemisphere, found mainly in temperate regions and on tropical mountain slopes. Acer, the principal genus, includes the many maples and the box elder.
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Sugar Maple


(Acer saccharum), a tree of the family Acera-ceae that reaches a height of 40 m. The leaves are three- to five-lobed. The sap, which is obtained by tapping, is a source of sugar. The silver maple (A. saccharinum) is also a source of sugar. Both species are native to North America and are cultivated as ornamentals.

sugar maple

[′shu̇g·ər ′mā·pəl]
Acer saccharum. A commercially important species of maple tree recognized by its gray furrowed bark, sharp-pointed scaly winter buds, and symmetrical oval outline of the crown.

sugar maple

a North American maple tree, Acer saccharum, that is grown as a source of sugar, which is extracted from the sap, and for its hard wood
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To get just one gallon of syrup, you'll have to process about 40 gallons of sugar maple or walnut sap, or as many as 100 gallons of birch or sycamore sap!
About 20 gallons of sugar maple sap is needed to make a quart of syrup.
Where the wall ends, I continue following a faint field line--where a hedgerow once ran--through sugar maple, basswood and eastern hemlock.
We compared the proportion of sugar maple seeds eaten to the proportion of seeds cached to explore the predominant effect of small mammals on postdispersal (i.e., after dispersing via wind from the parent tree) sugar maple seeds during the summer months in a northern hardwood forest.
Christ of Easter, may we possess the faith of the grain of wheat, that we may die to ourselves in order to realize the Father's harvest of justice and forgiveness; May we embrace the spirit of the sugar maple, that we may be willing to give ourselves for the sake of others as Christ gave himself for us.
The less damaged portion of the valley is dominated by sugar maple, with black walnut, box-elder, white ash, slippery elm and red oak of secondary importance.
We found a significant difference between the wood density of red maple and that of sugar maples, which will affect digester throughput.
Someone arguing that, say, a splinter and a pool cue came from the same tree based on certain genetic markers would have a tough time showing that those markers don't occur frequently in any population of sugar maples. Wood geneticists haven't yet built the huge databases that would be required.
The flaming fall displays of sugar maples and other deciduous trees may have a function beyond luring tourists.
For a number of years, OFRI have been studying sugar maples on test plots north of the Sault on Lake Superior's east shore.
Density of sugar maples [less than]42 cm dbh decreased monotonically, but no density trend was evident for larger stems (Fig.