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Studies were conducted on a series of steroidal sulfamates and the compound 17-diisopropylcarbamoyl - 1,3,5(10),16-estratetraen-3-yl sulfamate, also called KW - 2581, was recognised as a potent steroidal-based selective STS inhibitor.
Even though oestrogen sulfamates were found to not have an oestrogenic activity in vitro and oestrogen sulfamates cannot bind the oestrogen receptor, EMATE remained unattractive for use against hormone- dependent breast cancer.
Briefly, PAH is diazotized by sodium nitrate, and the excess sodium nitrate is neutralized by ammonium sulfamate.
The model is then coated with a conductive silver-based material and placed in a electroforming bath of nickel sulfamate where a thin nickel layer is plated over it.
At the same time, there are several published and patented works based on the successful industrial application of Ni plating baths based on Ni sulfate (NiSO4(H2O)6), Ni chloride (NiCl2*6H2O), and Ni sulfamate (H4N2NiO6S2) salts [5].
Topiramate is sulfamate substituted monosaccharide that is FDA approved for the treatment of epileptic patients who suffer from partial onset or primary generalized tonic clonic seizures.
After that, a nickel master of the first generation was produced by electroplating in a nickel sulfamate bath.
Seo, MH, Kim, DJ, Kim, JS, "The Effects of pH and Temperature on Ni-Fe-P Alloy Electrodeposition from a Sulfamate Bath and the Material Properties of the Deposits.
The electrodeposition setup consists of a galvanostat (DCH1, PC4/750, Gamry Instruments), a digital hot plate with a teflon thermocouple, a beaker (500 mL) containing a commercial nickel sulfamate solution (Nickel Sulfamate RTU Mechanical, Technics Inc.
Palatability and defense of some tropical infaunal worms: alkylpyrrole sulfamates as deterrents to fish feeding.
Additional S-containing compounds are things such as reducing agents (lipoic acid and glutathione), antibiotics (penicillin), sugar sulfates (glucose sulfates), sulfamates, and adenosine phosphosulfates.